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The Land


Our winery is located in a privileged area of La Rioja. Murillo de Leza, is a town with 1850 habitants located at the confluence of the Rivers Jubera and Leza, the latter being a tributary to the Ebro on its right bank. Situated at an altitude of 407 metres, and 14 kilometres from Logroño.
Located at the gateway that opens up to three Riojan areas of great interest: going upstream from the Leza we arrive at Camero Nuevo, towards Ventas Blancas we will gain access to “Las Alpujarras Riojanas” (Saint Cecilia or Bucesta) and finally the valley of Ocón.
Interestingly in the urban quarter run the streets of the town to understand its evolution and undertake an obliged visit to its church dedicated to Saint Esteban, declared a historic artistic site in 1979.


Sited on the confluence of the rivers Jubera and Leza, our vineyards are planted in clay-ferrous soil, at an altitude of 407-420 metres.
Our own vineyards, that give us better wines, with a careful assessment from our technical team in the vines, to control the complete annual cycle of the vineyard, from the pruning to the treatment carried out.
The Mediterranean climate, with its low rainfall distributed along the year, and the predominately rainfed cultivation, makes our zone a privileged enclave for the cultivation of the vine that bear grapes of the maximum quality, naturally regulating the production by means of the natural water stress that the plants suffer.
The experience and illusion of our viticulturists, together with the assessment of our technicians that do the rest, thereby obtaining unbeatable results from our best terroirs.
The grapes enter the winery at their optimum maturity and are fully controlled by our oenologist, this being the basis for the production of our wines.


Viura: principle white variety, data from the 1900 the oldest vine with which our winery makes its exclusive white wines.
Tempranillo: predominantly red grape (90%), data from 1956. It is the most important variety of La Rioja, essential for the production of fresh and aromatic young wines, unique for our profound and complex aged wines.
Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano: these red grapes, indigenous variety, make up the remaining 10%, giving colour, elegance and originality to the tempranillo and resulting in its coupage being a unique wine in the nose and palate.