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Antique Nº 1

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Make by winemaker Nacho Terrado, this special wine pays tribute to the hard work of our ancestors and traditional cultivation methods. 

100 % Tempranillo

This wine comes from the non-irrigated vineyards planted before 1940 and cultivated in clay ferrous soil. The system of training the plant is by vessel. The grapes are harvested by hand in the first fortnight of October. The alcoholic fermentation is carried out at controlled temperatures of 25ºC for 16 days applying smooth pumping over to extract the smooth and mature tannins and preserving all their aromatic richness. Ageing in new French oak barrels for 14 months. Refining in bottle during a year. A limited edition of 9,146 bottles. This wine will come out on the market only during the best years of the winery

And attractive dark crimson red, very intense. Complex aromas of ripe red fruit ( raspberries) and blackberries, liquorice, black chocolate very well combined with a wide range of species, and very fresh, fine and elegant balsamic notes. On the mouth it is potent, robust and smooth, with great fleshinnes. Very flavoursome. Long-lasting and persistent aftertaste. 

Now and within the next 10 years.