Bodegas San Esteban

San Esteban winery is the first cooperative winery from the DOCa. Rioja, constituted in 1953 by 16 founder members.
Presently it is made up of 350 members that cultivate more than 500 hectares. At the beginning the wines were made in a concrete winery with a capacity of 2,000,000 litres, constructed according to the local requirements of the time.

In the 80s, the winery was extended and modernized with a vinification area incorporating stainless steel deposits with a capacity of 1,500,000 litres, that at present are used for the storage of the wines.
In the year 2000, they invested in an extensive extension incorporating a production area with a capacity for 5,300,000 litres, an area for Crianza in barrel and a production and bottling unit.
In the year 2000 the Tierras de Murillo line was born, a way to show our daily work.
In these years we have achieved a consolidated commercial network and a brand that each day earns an image and prestige, “Tierras de Murillo”

Every history has a beginning

Birth of the winery


The union of 16 viticulturists that set out on doing the things well and fulfilling their dreams.


Construction of the winery


The finalization of the building works and inauguration of the winery

Modernization of the installations


In the 80s a tentative modernization of its installations incorporating stainless steel deposits was started.


Extension of the winery


The winery was extended with the increase of the capacity and the installation of more modern technology for the production and bottling of wine.

Tierras De Murillo is born


The creation of a new corporative image and new naming. The winery adopts the name of the wine as its commercial name.




The commercial network consolidated. The commercialization of the bottled wine supposes more than 30% of our invoicing and from this 15% is in exportation.

Wine of Rioja, a world reference

Rioja is the oldest Denomination of Origin in Spain (1925) and the first to obtain certifiaction (1991). Murillo de Río Leza is a village within the framework of the Denomination of Origin Classified Rioja (DOCa Rioja) 14km from Logroño and at an altitude of 407 metres above sea level.

The Mediterranean climate, a well distributed low level of annual rainfall, and a predominated rainfed cultivation, make Murillo a privileged settlement for the cultivation of the vine which leads to a grape of the maximum quality, naturally controlling the production by means of the natural water stress that the plants suffer.


stainless Steel deposits


millions of kgs of grapes


variety of grape


hectares of vineyards


We have at our disposition the latest technology for the production of our wine with a capacity of 4,5 million kgs of grapes

Bodegas San Esteban | Bodega DOCa Rioja


Where time stands still

The room, where the barrels made from the best French and American oak rest and, due to the location of where it is built against the land, brings together the optimum conditions, stability of temperature and humidity during the whole year.

Bodegas San Esteban | Bodega DOCa Rioja



80 stainless steel deposits with a capacity to produce 4.5 million kilograms of grapes. We have at our disposal a complete bottling line that allows us to finalize all the bottling process of our own wines.

Bodegas San Esteban| El Laboratorio


Investigation and innovation

Modern facilities with infrared equipment and enzymatic analysis equipment. From here the process of the classification of the grape begins and the tracking to carry out an exhaustive control from the vine until the bottle.

Bodegas San Esteban | La Tienda


Our wines

You can find all our products. We will personally attend and assess you on which to select. Timetable for Monday to Friday 9:00-13:00 and from 15:00-18:00. Saturday 9:00-13:00